Roosevelt Smart

Do not drink and drive. Do not do drugs and drive. Do not text and drive. Do not put on make up and drive. Do not dance and drive. Do not close your eyes and drive. Do not eat and drive. Do not play fight and drive. Do not argue and drive. Do not laugh and drive. Do not change the radio station and drive. Do not browse your phone and drive. Do not read and drive.

I have done one or more of the above. The thing about getting older is that the purity of rage and righteousness fades and an empathy replaces it. It becomes harder to vilify and cancel someone who has made a mistake.

How many mistakes should anyone be given? How harshly should we punish someone for doing any of the above or anything at all?

I know that when it comes to punishments ascribed to me, I want leniency, forgiveness, and understanding. When it comes to others, I am quicker to prescribe tough, harsh, unforgiving stances.

I do not know what kind of punishment Roosevelt Smart should receive for driving while intoxicated, exactly. It should be something that will ensure that he will take his role as a vehicle operator seriously, and at the same time be an example to everyone who looks up to him.

Adam Martinez

By Adam Martinez

Adam is Editor of MGN. Complain to him if you have a problem. UNT alumnus and internet-er extraordinaire.