Rivals! UTSA Fans Hate North Texas

Well, I will admit that it is a bit unseemly and not at all dissimilar from page-view trolling use the above headline but it really is my takeaway from today’s mini, intra-message board spat. In case you missed it, Rowdytalk.com, UTSA’s largest fan board, began pre-season win predictions. It was your standard prediction thread, aside from the extra comments about wanting to beat North Texas. Gomeangreen.com, our biggest board, picked it up and began commenting after a tweet (ahem, you’re welcome.) Later, Rowdytalk reacted by calling us cUNT (so clever!). Finally, someone from UNT goes on Rowdytalk and tries something . . . I guess.

I find all this incredibly hilarious and lots of awesome. I can only troll the five Arkansas State fans so much on twitter. Can’t wait for Nov 23/Feb 27th ya’ll.

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