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Recapping The Week: Dec 16, 2010

A loss. A win.

A loss to Sam Houston on the road in which the Bearkats never trailed.

A win vs Jackson State at home in which we never trailed.

It is good to see the guys bounce back from that ass-beating to hand out their own.

This is the good and bad of college basketball: the wins matter but not too much, the losses matters, but not too much.

It is the great fear of college football bowl system fans that their regular season turns into something similar.

Basketball is such a rhythm game that the regular season cannot reasonably be taken too seriously. Much like baseball, a team’s body of work is much more indicative of their abilities. Over time, a good team rises to the top.

So, the argument probably should be that the Tournament is the real poor tool for determining championships. You play hard all season for a chance at Plinko-like sorter that shuffles out a champion.

Still, I have no real problems with it. Given the number of teams that need to be sorted through, and the limited resources to do so, a big tournament is probably the most feasible method of shaking out a champion. A series of seven games is just not possible in the college game.

Hey, that reminds me: I like the NBA playoffs. I like that they take forever. I mean, shit what the hell do you have to do that you hate how long it takes?

Although a lot of people like the soccer-style single table, the 82-game regular season plus series of seven-game playoffs is a nice double-test of ability. You can’t just build a team to run a marathon, or a sprint. You have to be able to beat up the crappy teams for eight months, but then battle it out with other good teams over a series. There is very small room for luck to get in the way. I likes it.

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