2018 Season Preview eBook 20% Off

Hey guys. We are a week away from the opener against SMU and your favorite blogger just had another kid. To celebrate both things buy your eBook for 20% off at Smashwords with the coupon code: JH56G Smashwords Store Go Mean Green!

2018 CUSA Season Previews

MGN published an ebook to preview the 2018 UNT season. Over on CUSA Report there is a much more short version of the season previews of each CUSA squad. We are less than five days from Rice kicking off against Prairie View and so it is time to get familiar with the rest of the… Read more »

Share The Site With Your Friends

Media in 2018 is much different than the utopian dream of the internet we all had back in the early days. Your Favorite Mean Green Blogger came of age when dial up was still a thing, so I am old. I remember the time before Facebook and yes, I did use MySpace. Before we were… Read more »

Wrasslin’ At Apogee

The Athletic Department is going to bring some post-game entertainment to the main event against SMU on September 1st. Yes, NT is bringing a handful of Von Erichs to wrestle on the Apogee field after the game. There were inklings of this last year when Wren Baker tweeted at one of the Von Erichs, and… Read more »

DMN: Heart of Dallas Bowl Likely Done after 2018

North Texas might have just one more shot at filling up the Cotton Bowl during bowl season.  (The great) Robert Wilonsky reports that the city council is leaning toward ‘no’ on a $300K incentive package that would keep the bowl at Fair Park beyond this year’s game. Previously, the council denied an $800K package. The… Read more »

2018 MGN Season Preview

The e-book is live, it has (mostly) been reviewed and edited and it is now ready for your enjoyment. You can find it at Smashwords. How To Read It I use iBooks (now Apple Books?) to read my eBooks but you when you download from Smashwords you can put it on whatever device you prefer…. Read more »

Coming Soon: Football Season Preview E-Book

I wrote that I was back to full-time caring about the NT squad and that is true. MGN is putting out a season preview e-book soon and that is where my attention has been. As always, it is aimed somewhere between the die-hards and the casuals. As most things, it takes a little time, that… Read more »