Hey, New Stadium on the way

Denton RC

Finally. I totally agree with Vito’s piece. We have been suckyville. A lot of people have complained, and a lot of people decided to bail instead of fixing it. We are on the way to fixing it.

For the people who ask why Denton sucks as a college town and wonder why we are always second rate, this is your answer. We have had third rate facilities and fourth rate performances. You can’t get people exciting about suckiness.

I wish I could see the stadium as a student rather than an alumnus. Eh. Doesn’t really matter I suppose. I will be there opening day if it kills me.

Can’t wait.

Football Recaps

NT 40 FAU 44

The cries for the backup quarterback have begun!

… and I think they are unfounded. But, lets rate them anyway!

Riley Dodge:

Good: Last night KiDodge went 4/7 for 117 yards. Most of those (69) coming of a bubble screen to Jamaal Jackson. No interceptions and he avoided pressure and turned it into some yardage.

Bad: He missed wide open receivers. I mean he didn’t see them. I know its easier for me, sitting on the fifty to see guys running open, but still. There was a play action pass (at 1:05:00 on espn360) that he threw to the outside guy running a double move. Seemingly just an overthrow (who says he don’t have an arm? Oh wait, the broadcast dudes said that) but what you cannot tell from the replays is that Carey was running free over the middle. The PA drew the linebackers up and the safety was playing deep coverage. All he had to do was drop it in there for at least a 20 yard gain.

There was one more where he was scrambling right and saw Outlaw on the sidelines. He tried to lead him up the field but missed him because of miscommunication. I put that on him. As a receiver, you’re standing there and you don’t know where the QB is going to throw it. You can try moving up field but the pass could be where you used to be. If he wants to lead him up the field he should have put it on his upfield shoulder. It makes all the difference. He can catch it and and run that way in one motion.


Good: He went 13/17 129 yards and a score.

Bad: More missed receivers. I get the feeling that Tune, for all his cool-under-pressure-praise (he is a junior-he should be cool under pressure) he leans on his first option and doesn’t come off it until its too late or just dumps it off after it isn’t open.

Look at that last drive for an example. Big moment. On third and seven he forces it to Outlaw who is blanketed by the defender. He does a mechanically unsound falling back throw. There was no pressure. No need to hurry the throw. If he would have come off that read and looked to the guy running across the middle, he would have probably had a big gain.


Although there are lots of doubts about the coaching staff. Whatever your feelings on those guys you have to allow the fact that they know what they want their quarterback to do and have decided, based off of lots of practice reps, that Riley does those things better.

From what I’ve seen, Riley can throw those long passes. He isn’t seeing the field as well as even Tune is because he is a freshman. He lacks experience. Rarely in high school do you have to go throw all your reads. The biggest knock on him is that he is not living up to our lofty expectations. Looking at his performance I think we can say that he is doing a pretty damn good job for a redshirt freshman.

Don’t compare him to Colt McCoy who had a national championship team around him. Don’t compare him to Gio Vizza either, because this is a different schedule and different team than three years ago.

So yeah.

Football Recaps

The Bye Week

Oh to be as awsome and all powerful as ESPN. They got themselves as new internet site, didnt they? Local coverage is what they want to get into now. Durn conglomerates. Anyway, here is the link to the UNT home page.

I think what I hate most about them is that they are so damn good that there is no doubt that they will do a much better job than the local papers and news media. Dammit! Look at that- up to date-ness.

No, seriously the biggest and only problem I have with espndallas, boston, chicago and the others to come is that they have no competition. If this was happening while newspapers were still standing on two (financial) feet than I would be rooting for the usurper taking down the juggernauts. In that case the newspapers-with their iron grip of information flow locally would actually have to compete with someone. I love me some competition.

In this case however, how well can the newspapers compete? I dunno. They might have to do something radical and gasp! compete.

With that said, the internet is largely secondary information. Without newpapers sending their beat writers out to listen to another boring press conference (isn’t press a little outdated?) bloggers wouldn’t be able to regurgitate quotes from the head coach.

Such is life.

Coming this week: A look ahead.

Sunbelt Stuff

Stop Gap Post

Is it me or does Middle have the worst uniforms? Why do they look purple in this picture? I always have hated that KSU-metallic-grayish helmet color and that helmet style doesn’t even match their Northwestern-jockin’ unis. That logo looks like it was made for a USFL team.



Middle Tennesee State Blue Raiders V North Texas Mean Green (Eagles)

Tony Franklin sure knows how to make a buck.

Learning his offense from Hal Mumme with Mike Leach at Kentucky (HM learned it from LaVell Edwards) in the late 90s, he has successfully sold its principles and practice methods and made some decent cashola off of it.

As far as I know, old Hal and Mike just make most of their money coaching the offense.

The thing is, the dude is good. Whatever criticisms people have about the spread- and especially passing spreads- they have to admit that it is pretty successful. Even though Hal Mumme has had losing records, it isn’t because his offense is impotent. Mike Leach’s teams pretty much reserve a spot at the top of the passing stats lists every year. And Tony Franklin’s teams put up yards and points.

Unfortunately I am not intimately familiar with it. I don’t know if it is similar to PapaDodge’s (supposed) balanced attack or like Air Raid Mike Leach.

*Looking at the stats, it seems like its a nice little balance historically. The MUTS are a little skewed towards passing yardage this year though.

He turned around Troy’s horrible offense in ’07 and now he has his new squad putting up some decent yardage. To me this is the real story. Our newly stout defense against The System.

If I were PapaDodge I would be kind of jealous of the success had by his rivals. I mean Tulsa came in here and dominated (Guz Malzahn OC). Troy has come in here with Mr. System and put up huge numbers with that squad against TD.

Although I am happy he came in here and turned a horrible offense to a semi-decent-at-times one, I am starting to think that maybe there were other spread coaches out there that could have done more with our less.

* Another thing I was thinking as I watched football this weekend was this: If I were an offensive minded head coach (or vice versa) I would find me a hell of a coach to head up the other side of the ball. I mean that is just common sense good business right? Why did Dodge-y wait a couple of years to do that?

Again, I am not hatin on our head guy here. I am just starting to wonder how much of Southlake Carroll’s success was the overall advantage of playing in a community that fully supports the team with first class facilities and lots of money for private coaching and not the just offense.

So, that is what I’ll be watching this weekend. Sure, Mid Tenn is pretty talented, and did beat up on a CUSA opponent and squeaked by an ACC one last week. UNT is home in good ol’ Denton with its lukewarm support (burn!) and getting its starting son–er–QB back. The two teams are not so far apart in talent that we get pushed around like we did v da’ Crimson Tide.

I really expect the offense to pull out all the stops. There really is no reason to hold anything back. They shouldn’t be trying to protect anyone’s shoulder ( cuz if it was vulnerable they should be on the sideline) and this is a conference game, ya’ll ergo it matters now.

Now that the defense has figure out the controllers (vg reference!) its time to see the offense put up 30 points per game. The solid run game makes up for the slight inexperience at wideout. The system quarterback makes up for the fact that KiDodge is a RS Frosh. Gimme 30.

Football Recaps

NT v Alabama: 53-7

Well, that was embarassing, huh?
It was very apparent that we had no business being on the field with those guys. It is foolish to think we had a chance at an upset huh? I don’t think anyone can make a decent argument that there was anything that we could do better that would have made us competitive. The horrible truth is that the guys on ‘Bama are bigger, faster, and stronger than we are. It was evident in the way they shoved both lineman around and brushed off would-be tacklers while sprinting away from the rest.
They seriously didn’t look like they broke a sweat. How horrible.
Quotes from other people:
“We look like kids, they look like men.”
“How sad”
“We suck”
“They don’t look like they even have to try”
I say next time we want to schedule a money game we schedule a Big Ten team. The little guys at least win against those dudes. (Central Mich, N Ill, App St, N Iowa had a chance, N Dakota St, )
So, now that our required shellacking is over-with, we can look to conference play. Mid Tennesee is looking decent with that win over Maryland. We get KiDodge back.
The best news is that we can actually compete physically with the opponent.
In Other News:
There was no recap of Ohio because MGN has been busy doing school related things. Also no MGN v Competition because of the same reason. I did play some dude NT v Bama and got beat 38-7 though. Eh.
This week:
MTSU preview.
Why there is NOT going to be a QB controversy ( you doob)
MGN v the Competition: Blue Raiders

MGN Takes on the Competition: Ohio and Wins!

Here is the game:


MGN Takes on the Competition: Ohio

Hey everyone! Remember me? Well tonight friday night at 6pm I will be taking on Budweiser_5 from the bobcatattack board!

Figured alot of people are watching opening night right now.
Football Recaps

Good Guys Win: Mean Green 20 – Ball St 10

So? That North Texas: Aren’t they 1-0?

Hell. Yes.

First off, your humble MGN scribe turned 24 yesterday. Being a loyal but practical kind of guy I planned to watch the game until it became unwatchable (like I said, practical) and then proceed to my birthday festivities. Turns out the only unwatchable parts were the awful Campus Connection spots. Thankfully, I couldn’t hear them very well over the cheers.

It was awesome. After taking most of the day to soak it all in, I think I can say with relative certainty that a collective weight has been lifted. One that we didn’t know we were carrying.

The cynic in me says: ‘dude that was one game.’ This is an inarguable point. Yes, it was one game, but it wasn’t just one game. Let me explain:

Any of you remember starting class in elementary or middle/junior high school without knowing if any of your friends were going to have the same teacher? Maybe it was a new-school type thing for you. In any case, this season is like that. Many of us walked into the classroom with trepidation and dread. Then we sat down and met a cool ass kid and then things suddenly looked up. You think that maybe this year isn’t going to suck like you thought it might’ve.

If you don’t believe me just look at all the reactions all over the internets., the alumni on the Ticket, twitter, the newspapers and so on. Proving that point is not my goal here so I won’t clutter your time with examples that support that thought. Just go with me here.

Last night tweeted: ‘ its like we are a real life football team.’

I thought I was being original in that thought. I wasn’t.

I think that statement just about sums up fan reaction.

We all feel this way because, like many are saying*, it wasn’t a fluke-y win. We kicked their ass with that ground game, had explosive plays, and had a hard-hitting, stingy defense -with a little hard hitting kick coverage unit thrown in for good measure.

In all the ways that we sucked last year- tackling, being explosive, coverage, grit, clutchness, etc -we were better. I think there is no better way than to sum it up. We are actually competitive. Whowouldathunk?

The thing that most inspires the fan base right now is not even the performance but the attitude behind it. Its been talked about throughout the preseason. Everyone was saying how the team looked tougher and more together and how the attitude was so different from last year. I didn’t watch preseason practice. I couldn’t say one way or another if this was true.

For me the thing that made me believe that this wasn’t an aberration wasn’t the statistical and physical dominance (we should have scored those 13 points we let get away btw). George Dunham interviewed Riley after the game. The guy just sounded like he had been the starting QB for the last 4 years. He said all the right things, giving credit to the defense, both lines, his backs and receivers, reassuring the fan base that there was more of this to come and even threw up the Eagle Claw to the fans in the stands.

It made me think, This Riley guy is a cool ass dude. Maybe this year isn’t gonna be that bad after all.

Other Things:


I suppose the mini MG fever sweeping the metroplex may have something to do with the fact that we beat a MAC team, let alone one coming off a 12 win-nationally talked about season. I did do my part in converting a non-fan. After taking him to the watching party -and forcing him to deck out in Mean Green- his Facebook status the next day:

Had my first UNT football game watching experience and it didn’t suck. They won and I really wasn’t expecting that. No body was. Kinda weird. Am I a fan now?… Go mean green?

Lucky Gear:

Everyone has their lucky gear they don for the games. I think I have my new one(s):


I lose. MGN Takes on Ball St and loses

Part 1

part 2