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Just taking a quick little look-see at the home schedule I already see a couple of games I am looking forward to attending:

November 16 v Texas Tech

Even though UNT made the Tourney last season via the Sun Belt Tournament, it is always good to pick up wins vs Prestige Conferences. I know Texas Tech isn’t Kentucky or some such but they are a name team. Also it is good to get over on the Big 12(ten) every chance you can get.

November 23 v UT-Arlington

The big regional rival. Even though no one cares about basketball in this region, and especially not about non-Big 12(ten) basketball, this is a huge game.

December 19 v Texas State

I’ve argued somewhere in the Internet that I am down for having Tx St and UTSA join us in the same conference. It is so much easier to get people excited for regional teams than for Florida Atlantic. Believe it or not, people actually attended Texas State/Southwest Texas State. I know, I didn’t believe it either. So  I am looking forward to stoking the hate-flame early.

Jan 1, 13, 22 Feb 3, 17, 19, 26 v Conference foes.

Gotta protect the home court. Big games all.


Sept 18, 2010 v Army — Picking Up the Pieces

Wow. We added injuries to insults today. Maybe to be clever? I don't know. I do know that I, and the fellow Mean Greeners at Buffalo Wild Wings in Denton, were numb. It was a surreal defeat.

Halfway through I mentioned to my friend that it was one of the worst ways to lose. A slow beat down where you know you are overmatched and cannot do anything to battle back. Once Thompson went down, we were in a fog on offense. Rodge was rusty from not getting snaps at quarterback since his move to wide receiver. The team looked like they didn't believe they could win. They were just going through the motions.
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Army – Sept 18 2010 Preview

Ah Army. Let's take a little look-see at what the mighty Mean Green will have in store for them on Saturday.

This is game two of our little home-and-home series with this squad. If you don't remember the game very well, it ended in very typical North Texas fashion:

With less than six minutes remaining and the lead, UNT had a chance to seal it after Army lost the ball on downs.

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Sunbelt Stuff

Sunbelt Roundup – Troy Almost Upsets Pokes

Let's take a quick look at what happened to the other Sun Belt-ers

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Football Football Recaps

Getting Lance More Carries

In the middle of the third quarter I checked the ESPN stats to see Lance's stats. He had nine carries for 67 yards. In the third quarter. To be fair, he did have a couple of catches. I counted three for eight yards. Wow.

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Getting Lance More Carries

In the middle of the third quarter I checked the ESPN stats to see Lance's stats. He had nine carries for 67 yards. In the third quarter. To be fair, he did have a couple of catches. I counted three for eight yards. Wow.

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Football Football Recaps

Sept 11 v Rice — Reaction

above: blurry final score

A heartbreaker.

Yet my heart isn’t broken. The climb back to respectability is long and hard. I see this whole thing as progress.

Where we stand on Dodge’s status is irrelevant. I’ll get into the coaching mistakes later. You have to look at the facts: in two out-of-conference games so far this season, we have played decently. I know an average of 30+ points a game is not something normally called ‘decent.’ This team isn’t normal, though. They have sucked for five years. They have been a team that allows 77 points, 59 points, shitton of points, omfg number of points and so on.

So it is improvement.

What about the mistakes dude?

Okay. We still cannot make a field goal to save our lives. As we were limping our way up the field on that final drive that could have won it, I was hoping we wouldn’t be put in a situation where we had to attempt one. Oh man. That would have sucked. Now that I think about it, I’d rather the situation we did have: Derek Thompson coming in to face a 4th and 15, than to watch a potential game-winner flutter wide right.

So, you are right, old man. What the hell should be done about the horrible special teams? I really can’t say. We can go on and on about how difficult it is to do things at UNT. I really can’t honestly defend the staff however. Judging the coaching staff by Good Coach Standards, you should not see problems with the hallowed Little Things.

The Little Things:

Ball Security
Special Teams
Any Good Coach will harp on these until it becomes cliche. Then harp some more. He will also instill it so deeply in his players that they’ll harp on it. Then they will believe it. Then they will take care of the ball, be solid on Special Teams, avoid stupid penalties, and have good football IQ.

At least that is the thinking.

So after five years we still make mistakes in those areas. Youth excuse? Gone. New regime excuse? Used it. Not his handpicked guys excuse? Not any more.

Cynical View:

Taking into account the above mistakes we keep making, and the fact that Rice made similar ones, the fact that we were at home in front of a big crowd, and we lost, we blew a huge chance to win.

It was very similar to that Ohio game last year.

From a get-fans-in-here point of view, this is not good because it is a loss. All those new freshmen that came in continued a five year tradition of losing at home their first game.


This performance is a continuation of steadily improving play from last year. The oft repeated stat that we were in most of the games we played last year is true. We are getting closer to being a decent team. The fans stayed. Also there Vito, Phillips and NTDaily were all liveblogging/livetweeting the game. I call that progress. Now all we need is a TV Deal/Better webfeed/more instant replay cameras.


It is impossible for the die-hard fan to look at any game without wondering what it means for Dodge’s future. A loss is bad. A win is good. That is pretty much set in stone now. The Tune injury means that Dodge’s faults are highlighted even more. His failure to build a complete team and inability to recruit and keep a solid stable of quarterbacks leaves him relying on a young, inexperienced guy to get him his requisite seven wins.

Football Football Recaps

3Q update – Rice Sept 11 2010

Forgive me sportsfans. I didn’t mention that I am at the game and won’t be liveblogging today.

You can always check out Vito’s blog at the DRC, TMGR by Phillips or follow The NT Daily’s twitter feed (@NTDailySports).

With just my phone I gotta stick to commentary. @aztecskin.

Keep refresh at te end of the quarter for an update though.


We are winning?!

Me and the Woman are looking around for signs of me being a monkey’s uncle or some other cliche.

As it is we’ve made a few horrible mistakes. It has been balanced by Rice’s propensity to do the same. So, despite a blocked punt, missed field goal, dropped touchdown, interception, and poor tackling, we lead. I take it.

Football Football Recaps

Week 2 v Rice — preview time

I’ve been perusing some of the preview stuff for this week’s game. There are lots of comparisons of the two teams, talking about how similar they are as a team and how similar they looked in the week one games.


Let’s look at what we know:

Texas came out of the gates looking to keep it simple. Mack wanted to run the ball and let his much hyped defense handle the young Rice squad.

That is pretty much what happened.

The score and the stats are misleading. Rice had no chance. Texas dominated and led 24-3 at the half. Their freshy quarterback was no threat, and knowing that, Texas shut down McGuffie and Smith.

Clemson came out and continued their streak of not stopping the run. Lance tore them up for 116 yards. They relied on the big play (read: talent) to beat the Green. Pretty poor showing overall. What does that say, though? It says that Clemson was playing down to the competition.

So, although the scorelines were similar, the games were very different. Texas beat Rice because of superior talent by design. Clemson was just sloppy. Unfortunately that says more about Texas than it does Rice.

What can we learn then?

Well, Rice has some talent. Not Clemson talent though. Their freshman quarterback is their hope for the future but inexperienced (no shit, huh?). They will score if they can execute against UNT’s defense. I have to say they cancel each other out. No clear advantage either way.

Offensively, Rice was horrible against the run last year. Tre Newton, despite his three scores only averaged 3.9 a carry. Think about that for a second. Texas hasn’t ran the ball well since Ricky Williams. You read that right. There was controversy about the horrid run game when Ced Bedson was a frosh. He didn’t start, Ivan Willams did and did a serviceable job. Texas only ran the ball well when their quarterbacks were toting the ball. That 3.9 per may well be more Texas suckitude than Rice formidablity.

I like Lance and his career 5+ ypc average against that defense that has trouble stopping the run. Why? Well, we can run the ball pretty well as a team. It is kind of our thing, apparently. Also, we aren’t completely playing the game close to the vest. Tune is a senior. He knows the system. Despite Canales calling the plays (whom I don’t trust completely despite the decent showing v Clemson) it is still the same offense that Dodge-y runs. I don’t think that UNT is going to play it quite as close to the vest here. At least they shouldn’t. They’ll have a big home crowd ( it is the first game of the season and all those new freshies haven’t been exposed to 50 point home losses yet ), an experienced quarterback and a desperate coach.

Still, despite all that I am skeptical. Probably because my first game in the stands was a 54-2 shellacking.

I am coming around to the fact that we can beat these guys, though. Maybe by Saturday at 6pm after a few drinks I’ll even believe it.


Football Football Recaps

Rice — Those (really smart) bastards.

I went to middle school with Jarret Dillard. He beat me out for starting WR on the football team. It didn’t matter really because I didn’t end up playing past the first game that year (I moved to TE) because my parents insisted Wednesday night church was more important.

So yeah.

Those bastards beat UNT 77-20 last time they played us. I was in Austin to watch UT play Arkansas. I checked my phone and did a double-take at the score at halftime. Fifty-six points. Jarret Dillard had 4 touchdowns.


Do we have a chance to return the favor?

I dunno.

Most pundits (do we have pundits?) are in awe of the performance we put up against Clemson. I can’t say I hated it. We didn’t get murdered. It is weird how our expectations are adjusted after being humiliated so often the last few years. It is kind of hard to get indignant at slights and scream about what we ‘deserve’ when we are busy embarrassing ourselves.

Still, the skeptical cynic in me wants to point out that Clemson is kind of lame. They are no powerhouse and no one really expects them to do much impressing this year anyway. They are kind of like Michigan State in that way. A big name but no skins on the wall. ( I know they claim a nat’t title but I remain unimpressed).

Our offense was good at not scoring. This is awesome? Our defense was good at giving up big plays. More unimpressiveness.

I don’t want to hate on this team like that though. I ain’t a Boston sports columnist.

It is progress. Combined with the subtle progression shown in us being competitive last year? Well, then. We have something to be pleased about. The good news is that we are at home, Jarret Dillard is in the NFL, and we are favored.