Surviving Without Holmen

This is such a weird year. 2010-2011 is the Year of the Injury in basketball and, most memorably, in football. That is right folks! I am hinting at more bad news! Holmen is out for the season with a broken hand! I hate to say this, but you have to wonder if this just isn’t… Read more »

Switching to Nike, Goodbye Southlake Carroll Unis

Seriously, they look the same. It was along running joke that Papa Dodge brought with him the Southlake Carroll Jerseys. In fact, I once imagined the conversation that started it: RV: You know, Todd Dodge is sooo awesome.Friend: Yeah. Too bad he coaches high school.RV: We should hire him.Friend: Yeah.RV: You know? We should hire… Read more »

ULM 82 UNT 75 February 19, 2011

The Loss Proper Oh hell. Oh hell. The shame of losing to the team with the worst record in the conference is nigh unbearable. North Texas was the second conference victim and the seventh overall on the year for the Warhawks of Louisiana-Monroe. Disappointing as it was, it was not surprising in the least. I… Read more »

The Quick Turnaround or Is ULM A Trap Game?

For all our problems, we can take comfort in the fact that we aren’t ULM. Right guys? Sitting at the bottom of the conference at 1-13 in Sunbelt play, the Warhawks are seemingly easy prey. That is what scares me. Coming off a complete ass-handing from West leaders Denver, ULM will either get beastly or… Read more »

A Win Is A Win: USA vs UNT

Full disclosure: I left at halftime. Not because I was anti-basketball nor because it wasn’t entertaining. No, I had my own sporting adventure to partake in. So, I missed the mini-comeback that was the win vs USA. After typing that abbreviation I finally understand the Team USA inspired threads they were rocking out there.

Drubbing at the Diddle. WKU in a blowout

Not much changed from the first half. That zone killed our offense enough for WKU to turn the lead into 20 points and keep it there for most of the balance of the game. The full-court press we put on served only to speed up the game. From there, the two teams were just trading… Read more »

WKU — Dribbles at the Diddle at the half

After fighting back to within five points the good guys scored only two more points for the last 3:51 and allowed 12 to WKU. What the hell happened?  Well, that zone they put on us was working. It wasn’t particularly stifling nor was it very aggressive. Perhaps it’s passiveness influenced our own passiveness? Save for one… Read more »

Tristan Thomspon: It is all your fault .. Or is it?

I was offered two free tickets to the next home game (or one of my choosing) because of the Snow Game last week. If you are also a season ticket holder, you were offered the same. So I have some time to decide which game the Green will decide to play to expectations. We missed… Read more »

A Different Perspective

Mrs.NTM says, Thanks to my husband, NTM as you may know him, I have been “following” UNT basketball this season. We bought season tickets and have attended as many home games as our schedules have permitted. Seeing them play so frequently has reminded me how much I actually enjoy watching live basketball. Live sports in… Read more »


On Vito’s blog, he talks a little about why we are sucking so much. So Johnny Jones wants defense and is benching Tristan for not being Bruce Bowen? UNT does need to play better defensively, but I wonder if benching the only pure scorer on the team is the answer. Someone has to handle the… Read more »