Bama and Money Games

That was expected. Deep down on Wednesday or so, when you were feeling really rational you knew how this trip to the Deep South was going to go down. And so it came to pass. There isn’t much to be angry about. Sure there are quibbles about playcalls here and there. Nothing would have drastically… Read more »

Houston Was Our Problem

I visited my adopted city over the weekend. I drank beer and 90-proof bourbon. I watched us lose to Houston. I’m not twenty anymore and I feel like I am losing my passionate fandom. I have too much damn perspective for this sports stuff, man. It doesn’t hurt me to lose so heartbreakingly like it… Read more »

Lame Cliche Post

*I’ve taken to calling it by it’s purchased name fairly easily, folks. How’s about you? I’d love to bitch and moan about the apathy surrounding the fan base. I’d love to pretend that I’m not getting a little hypocritical. I’m not. We lost, I tweeted some, then planned lots of things, then failed to follow… Read more »

Twenty Million Dollars

Alright. Let’s get to some meat here. Pause. Twenty million for the stadium naming rights. Sweet. That’s not quite super-conference cash but it is a pretty good start to the Run To The Top. I don’t know where this puts us in the long-term plans that you’ll no-doubt find plenty who know more because they… Read more »

What’s In A Name?

I’m slightly disappointed that we are so quickly selling our Stadium’s name. I was beginning to grow fond of “Mean Green Stadium” The capatalist in me thinks it is a great idea. I love that we will get nearly $1 million a year for the next twenty years for this. That is some pretty decent… Read more »

McCarney Speaks To The Masses

I was watching through my computer screen. There he was, pacing back and forth, winning me over again. The first time was back in November. Then he sold hope. This time he sold facts. Stinging facts about the guys who ran this joint before he stepped in. His honesty is refreshing. Instead of trite cliches,… Read more »

Mean Green Stadium Draws an Observer’s Diss

Thanks to for the link. The Dallas Observer’s Unfair Park did a pretty standard rip job of the new stadium’s projected economic impact. Observer guys (and gals) are paid to bring a cynical perspective and question the establishment. It’s important stuff and of use to the readership and community. My biggest issue with the… Read more »

Iconic Mean Green

A few years ago some website ran a list (imagine that!) of the best looking college football helmets. Not nearly as unique or rare then as it is now –head over to Bleacher Report and have a gander — I was interested. I was glad to see that the Longhorn’s all-white-logo-only lid was the top…. Read more »

Linking: Yahoo Edition plus Clint Bowen!

Coogs Preview NT Danny Mac on the task ahead of him: “North Texas has gone many years without playing good defense,” McCarney said of his new team. “Most defensive stats were in the bottom ten in college football in 2010. We must learn to make many more big plays, game changing plays and dominant plays… Read more »

Linking: Revisit 2010, Todd Dodge’s New Home and More

Football Study Hall This is a good, objective look back on last year. It is fairy accurate (he missed some of the details) and provides the statistical version of the story your local season ticket holder would tell you without the harping on the use of tight ends. Quick version: UNT was predictable on offense…. Read more »