UT-Arlingon 97 North Texas 64: Beatdown

That was the worst loss in Johnny Jones history. What happened? Lot’s of things. We could break it down and analyze the exact scenarios that led to getting down by forty effing points in the first half. Lots of turnovers and poor shooting. That wasn’t what did it. This squad just got punched in the… Read more »

Texas Tech Talk – Preview

I mean to do lots of things and then don’t do them. I meant to update my credit card information on the TWC site so it could continue to auto-pay. I didn’t and then later meant to pay that thing manually (the horror!) and didn’t. I also meant to write about how the Basketball team… Read more »

Monroe and Bowling

I’m watching the game right now. Instead of watching the game yesterday, I instead watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. That’s right. I didn’t watch the Rangers game either. With that said, I am intrigued by the possibility of bowling raised on It is damned early to be thinking about bowl projections, and… Read more »

Wright Waters and Louisiana-Lafayette

I know. I didn’t even mention the last game vs FAU. Sorry. I was cheating on you. In any case we have an important game coming up. Louisiana (as they prefer to be called) is on a five game win streak. Yeah. I’m surprised, too. As much trouble as I have rustling up interest for… Read more »

Bama and Money Games

That was expected. Deep down on Wednesday or so, when you were feeling really rational you knew how this trip to the Deep South was going to go down. And so it came to pass. There isn’t much to be angry about. Sure there are quibbles about playcalls here and there. Nothing would have drastically… Read more »

Houston Was Our Problem

I visited my adopted city over the weekend. I drank beer and 90-proof bourbon. I watched us lose to Houston. I’m not twenty anymore and I feel like I am losing my passionate fandom. I have too much damn perspective for this sports stuff, man. It doesn’t hurt me to lose so heartbreakingly like it… Read more »

Lame Cliche Post

*I’ve taken to calling it by it’s purchased name fairly easily, folks. How’s about you? I’d love to bitch and moan about the apathy surrounding the fan base. I’d love to pretend that I’m not getting a little hypocritical. I’m not. We lost, I tweeted some, then planned lots of things, then failed to follow… Read more »

Twenty Million Dollars

Alright. Let’s get to some meat here. Pause. Twenty million for the stadium naming rights. Sweet. That’s not quite super-conference cash but it is a pretty good start to the Run To The Top. I don’t know where this puts us in the long-term plans that you’ll no-doubt find plenty who know more because they… Read more »

What’s In A Name?

I’m slightly disappointed that we are so quickly selling our Stadium’s name. I was beginning to grow fond of “Mean Green Stadium” The capatalist in me thinks it is a great idea. I love that we will get nearly $1 million a year for the next twenty years for this. That is some pretty decent… Read more »