North Texas 78 South Alabama 73

I don’ t know why I feel like I have a personal rivalry with USA. I found myself looking forward to watching this game as I left the parking lot this evening. I was about to tweet something when I asked myself, “why?” The answer? Dunno. That still escapes me. I only saw the first… Read more »

UALR Wins Again

I missed this one too. It’s a bad habit I’ve been developing and I mean to stop it dead. I gathered what I could from this thread, Vito’s blog , and Mean Green Premium to say this: 1. We need a better fucking stream on MGP, dammit. 2. This loss was a bad one. 3. Chris… Read more »

Happy Tony Mitchell Day!

The day has arrived. It has been a long short season so far. Every win (four) and every loss (five) have been prefaced and analysed with Tony Mitchell’s absence. It is all justified. Chris Jones has been good –but how good can he be with  Tony Mitchell running the lane? Jordan Williams has been good… Read more »

North Texas 53 Sam Houston 50

Katfans dot com or dot org or whatever are a hearty little band of shit-talkers. A part of me, I do not know which, respects them. Another part, the evil, spiteful, arrogant bastard that reduces the amount of a tip when I get poor or spiteful service, wants bad things to happen to their sports… Read more »

Self Reference Update

I was rightly called out in twitter for not commenting on the tournament. This will be rectified shortly. Short version: well, it wasn’t amazing. We came out with a awesome win, a nice win, and a tough loss. The best thing the team will take away from this is the sense of team that invariably… Read more »

LANCE! North Texas 59 MTSU 7

Lance Dunbar ran for 313 yards on 40 carries to become the all-time leading rusher in North Texas history. He passed Patrick Cobbs sometime in the second quarter. He needed only 140 yards coming into today to best Cobbs’ 4050 and finished the first half with 170. It was a great way to go out… Read more »

North Texas is 1-4: Longhorns 73 UNT 57

There were 9,488 of us at that place tonight. How many heard the public address guy call us North Texas State two or three times? Eff that guy. You know what? He has to listen to the corny-ass music that Texas band plays throughout the game so at least he gets his. We lost. That… Read more »

Tristan Thompson D-League Debut

It came and went. We mentioned it in a post not so far back. He played 21 minutes, went two of six and fouled someone in the 101-96 win against the Texas Legends. His teammate Soloman Bozeman dropped two in twelve minutes. You remember him. He hit the three in Shannon Shorter’s eye to send… Read more »

Blowout: Mississippi State 82 North Texas 59

It was a terrible watch. Though it never reached forty points like last time out it was terrible. Much of the same problems that plagued the Mean Green in Arlington on the Stage followed them to Starkville at the Humphrey. Vito had a good point before and after the game about scoring. UNT has been… Read more »