B-Walt: North Texas 65 ULL 62

My situation

The ball stayed in the air for about a hundred seconds. Or so it seemed. My thoughts as Brandon Walton launched from the top of my laptop:  —What if he makes it his pizza is good but it is okay if he misses because we are just tied oh but wait what if they get… Read more »

MTSU Lineman is Dealing

From Doc Saturday: Bailey was arrested Feb. 16 and charged with possession of a schedule VI drug with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers found nearly a pound of marijuana – 27.9 grams in a plastic bag in his dirty clothes hamper, five glass jars weighing 322.5 grams and another 6.2 grams… Read more »

Tony Mitchell Number 2 Draft Prospect?

Via “Jeremy Lin is a good enough player to start in the NBA and possibly star,” Lin wrote in May 2010. Weiland told the Wall Street Journal there were two current college players his numbers say give them high upsides on the NBA level. One of them is Marquette forward Jae Crowder. The other… Read more »

Dear Super Pit,

I miss you. I moved back to my hometown of San Antonio after living in Denton for 6 years and the only college ball I get to watch now takes place in what resembles a high school, or more fortunate junior high school, gym. I’m not talking mess or anything… and the games are entertaining… Read more »

ULL 57 UNT 43: Ugly Senior Day Loss

As crushing a blow as that loss on Saturday to ULL was to you, it was just as painful for Tony Mitchell. At least, that is what I gathered from his post-game expression and tweet. There was a look of frustration on Mitchell’s face as Jacob Holmen was unable to find both he and Tyler… Read more »

Mitchell Candidate for Lou Henson Award

Tony Mitchell is a finalist to receive the Lou Henson Award. Started in just 2010, the previous two years’ winners were Keith Benson and Matt Howard of Butler and Oakland respectively. Let’s hope Tony Mitchell can bring UNT to the list this year. Good luck Tony!

Mega Conference Talk

So we are going to the CUSAMWC Super conference? Well it seems like it. The big news today is that the leftovers of the rest of the conference announced an alliance. Bret Vito says UNT officials are going to be mum on the situation. It makes sense. The administration is trying to look all cool… Read more »