MGN–CC Online Dynasty 13 Preseason

We begin our tale with the oddly named rosters. In attempting to set up the online dynasty thirty times (thanks to repeated failures of the EA Servers to upload said dynasty — the final time I neglected to use the named rosters I had. So let it be known that any reference to say, Johnny… Read more »

Summer Dreams — Basketball Edition

I am dreaming the dream of possibility. The most talented North Texas basketball team ever assembled will begin play in the fall. Tony Mitchell will be in the NBA someday. Chris Jones will lead the team in assists and rank second on the team in scoring. Jordan Williams will get break away steals and highlight… Read more »

MGN – Coker Chronicles Online Dynasty NCAA 2013

It is I, Adam. NCAA 13 is out. I bought it this year after skipping two iterations and it seems I haven’t forgotten how to score digital touchdowns and get digital interceptions. So, with Apogee and the new uniforms in the game, I figure it is time to start an online dynasty with the people…. Read more »

Playoffs and Minnows

This post by MGBlog is interesting, and this part echoed some things that I mentioned on the CC podcast a couple weeks ago. First of all, true have-nots: go away. You are burning millions of dollars for no reason. San Jose State, what do you think your end game is in D-I football? Anyway: when… Read more »

House Keeping Items

So, have you been listening to the podcast? The various measurement tools at my disposal suggest there is a decent number of people listening. For that you have my thanks. Any feedback is appreciated, even if it just “Dude, I hate the sound of your voice.” You can email me at the blog: or… Read more »

Darius Terrell to UNT

This is not breaking news. Here is what Burnt Orange Nation had to say about the move. While Terrell, the DeSoto product who starred as a wide receiver and a member of the Eagle basketball team that won state his junior season, appeared in line for some playing time as the back-up to DJ Grant… Read more »

It’s Official

We are officially [going to be] CUSA members. Also, official? The new configuration will only have 13 members. ODU is still unsure if they want to absorb ┬áthe new costs that will come with joining a new, more powerful conference. With the payouts from CUSA at around $2-3 million, and new television negotiations looking to… Read more »