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NT v Alabama: 53-7

Well, that was embarassing, huh?
It was very apparent that we had no business being on the field with those guys. It is foolish to think we had a chance at an upset huh? I don’t think anyone can make a decent argument that there was anything that we could do better that would have made us competitive. The horrible truth is that the guys on ‘Bama are bigger, faster, and stronger than we are. It was evident in the way they shoved both lineman around and brushed off would-be tacklers while sprinting away from the rest.
They seriously didn’t look like they broke a sweat. How horrible.
Quotes from other people:
“We look like kids, they look like men.”
“How sad”
“We suck”
“They don’t look like they even have to try”
I say next time we want to schedule a money game we schedule a Big Ten team. The little guys at least win against those dudes. (Central Mich, N Ill, App St, N Iowa had a chance, N Dakota St, )
So, now that our required shellacking is over-with, we can look to conference play. Mid Tennesee is looking decent with that win over Maryland. We get KiDodge back.
The best news is that we can actually compete physically with the opponent.
In Other News:
There was no recap of Ohio because MGN has been busy doing school related things. Also no MGN v Competition because of the same reason. I did play some dude NT v Bama and got beat 38-7 though. Eh.
This week:
MTSU preview.
Why there is NOT going to be a QB controversy ( you doob)
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