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MGN Recruiting Coverage

I’ve long held that recruiting, however necessary, is a little creepy. At least to me. I am not casting aspersions on you if you follow it. I just have had trouble doing so myself.

Recruiting is a necessary evil. Few people enjoy begging others to join their cause. Fewer enjoy earning the friendship of teenagers. Look at your twitter TL and see how many teenagers don’t like having to make other teenagers like them.

Now imagine what it is like for 61-year-old coaches.

The infusion of new talent is the lifeblood of a program. It is a thankless job for coaches at smaller schools who don’t have the luxury of helicopters or television. They head out to the smallest of small towns hang out with a kid they hope can contribute two-and-a-half years from now. At North Texas, it is not easy. We lie in the hotbed of talent that is Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. There are a few Denton-area high schoolers that went on to NFL careers within the last decade. For many who haven’t had to actually put in living room time it all seems so simple.

It isn’t.

Here’s my promise as proprietor of MGN to do a better job of recruiting coverage. I’ve already engaged a couple of writers who have a proclivity for following the offseason fun. MGN is building a searchable database (in our free time) to supplement the already ubiquitous college recruiting services. There are already message board posts that cover these things thoroughly.

So stay tuned.

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