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Some three weeks ago I saw my Playstation 3 was dusty. I tried to remember the last time I played NCAA 14 — the only game I really play on it if ever. I could not remember. I cleaned it up a little and moved on with my day.

Later, when trying discover the best way to play a B#minor chord I saw yet another streamer playing games. Yes, like most of you stuck at home in The Challenging Times, I had decided to become a guitar guy. I watched a little of it, remembering that here on MGN we tried to play the upcoming opponent’s blogger on NCAA 1x and stream it before Twitch was a thing.

While masking up on my way to the grocer (yes, I call it a grocer) I thought about the most fun and least derivative way to do this thing that would not devour my soul. I think I have found that. I practiced my Liev Schreiber voice, my Dave Barnett/generic radio guy voice, and my generic coach voice. I also brushed off some nearly forgotten video editing skills and coupled them together with some rusty, ill-formed music-making moves to think up the first episode.

This is not that first episode.

Instead, it is me figuring out the sliders that I will use. So watch it, and watch me play UH in my “current” dynasty — the one that I have played off-and-on when I have a few hours to myself when all the babies are done crying and the dog is done walking.

The goal was to find something challenging so I will not die of boredom and obligation and kill this series before it has begun. I am skeptical about the future of college football in The Tough Times and anticipate we will have plenty of time.

There will be two videos — the edited version with the fun stuff and the actual game play so the people that like that can watch it. The latter will be more podcast like, where I will float off on tangents as I am playing. You can get an idea of this in this video. Enjoy! (or don’t, you know. Whatever).

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