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MGN-CC Online Dynasty Week 6: Hubris

So this was the big matchup. Mean Green Nation’s own Adam vs Coker Chronicles’ own Jared. The matchup was frustrating, annoying and terrible. For me that is. Rolling with the nation’s leading passer in Fake Derek Thompson and UTSA running with turnover-prone Eric Soza, I felt like I was going to win this going away. I mean, in the first couple weeks after buying the game I beat up Jared pretty good in our UNT-UTSA matchups.

Alas, those didn’t count.

The Game:

2nd: Fake Zach Orr takes it to the house on a 37-yard pick six. I’m feeling good. Jared runs the ball no where but eats up clock. To the third.

3rd: I’m getting really frustrated now. I’m bottling up UTSA’s terrible rushing attack but can’t get anything near a drive going. The servers are terrible and my AirRaid attack is not the best when there are glitches. UTSA gets a FG.

4th: More terribleness on offense. I manage the increasingly-difficult task of bottling up Jared’s option/scramble/lucky 4th-down conversion drive to “win” the game. I stop them on 4th at the 1. After a few running plays and more frustration I eschew a punt and . . . .go for it.

Brandin Byrd on a dive right? For one measley yard, right? WHY DIDN’T I PUNT!!??

It was 2006 USC again. Complete with miracle fourth-down score by Jared. I was angry, frustrated, and the losing team.




Next time, Jared. Next time.

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