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Mason Fine Can Do Whatever He Wants

Mason Fine briefly considered transferring elsewhere for his senior season. Well he said it “crossed his mind” in his availability with the media this week.

Whatever you think of the way these comments were presented it is worthwhile to think about the idea behind them. Mason Fine is a junior and statistically the best quarterback in North Texas history. He does not have every record, but if he completes his senior year at the same pace he will have just about every record a starting QB can have here.

He famously was not offered any scholarship except for the one he has here. If he were to “reopen” his recruitment at this point, he would be one of the most sought-after QBs in the nation. The marriage between Mason Fine and North Texas was one of convenience, and there will always be a special connection – something like gratitude on Fine’s part.

It is not like NT did not benefit. Littrell and his staff simply saw a quality QB that was maligned because of height and has rode that talent to wins and bowl appearances. It is not controversial to state plainly that if Mason Fine were 6’4″ he would not have given North Texas much of a thought as he likely would have had an overwhelming number of P5 offers from which to choose.

Therefore it is only human for him to wonder — however seriously — now that he has proven himself and his ability, if he could play at those schools he dreamt of playing for all those years ago.

If Mason Fine had to prove himself once he got to Denton, showing his toughness and hard work and all the intangibles along with his actual performance on the field, then North Texas had to prove to him — and everyone else — that it is a place worth staying at. If UNT’s offer letter is discarded early in the process by so many 4- and 5-star prospects, it is because of the same reason that Fine was overlooked.

All that is to say that North Texas has an obligation to recruit Mason Fine — and every player — every day he is here. If he is the kind of QB that P5 programs would want, then North Texas has some tough competition. The good news is that Littrell and everyone has done exactly that. Fine said he wants to stay and he only briefly considered transferring but ultimately decided that staying was the best option for him.

That’s a win.

It means North Texas Football is a place that good players want to be. The fact that the staff has not left despite having other offers is a win. It means this is a program they feel they can grow in. Every organization — and personal relationship for that matter — has an obligation to be the best it can, to retain the best people.

So again, Mason Fine was well within his rights to think about leaving and the people of North Texas program should feel good that he decided to stay. It means that they are doing something right.

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