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Link: More On Tie-Breakers

Leave it to some Rice folks to figure out the tie-breaker scenario if

  1. North Texas wins out (includes a win this Thursday over Rice)
  2. Rice wins out after losing to NT (includes a win over Tulane)
  3. Tulane wins out aside from final matchup with Rice

That would leave us with a three-way tie in the West division and the tie breaker as the BCS Standings. There is a lot of football to play, but we could have a scenario where the East champ picks their opponent depending on how their coach votes.

Each of the three team’s head coaches are voting members of the coaches poll. Even a 25th place vote for the coaches’ own team would jump that team up above the rest if the other coaches didn’t follow suit. (See Iowa in the current poll – they’re getting one vote in the coaches’ poll, which moves them in front of Georgia Tech & USC which have better computer rankings.)

In addition, if Marshall or MTSU is the East Division winner, their coach will be in the position of being able to pick his opponent in the same manner.

More here. CSNBBS

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