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Lehigh 12.20.12

Ladies and gentlemen. Eagles and Mean Green. Thank you for gathering here today. Tonight we face a foe whose scoring prowess is unlike any other we have faced. He is the all-time leading scorer in the Patriot League. He is the reigning Patriot two-time player of the year.

Our challenge isn’t limited to findng a way to stop him from scoring or limit his impact. No, those are regular basketball problems. This iteration of North Texas basketball has trouble scoring on a level comeserate with the talent it possesses. This program has to do battle with its own demons tonight.

CJ McCollum maybe the biggest threat, but weight of expectations has proven to be the biggest obstacle.

Whether or not you think the fault lies with Tony Benford, the players’ ego, or just good ol’ North Texas bad luck, you should probably watch. This is the biggest game of the season, and will likely determine a whole host of things not least of which is the narrative spouted by the fanbase. And let us be honest. The fanbase is voiced by the folks at

Let’s hope we get some good karma from Tristan Thompson’s attendance. The former UNT great tweeted that he’ll be there.


Let’s get some inspiration ya’ll:


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