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So you want to contribute to MGN.

Usually I’ll ask people who I think have something really interesting to say about North Texas Athletics to pen a piece and post it here. Sometimes, others will ask me for a guest post to get something off their chest. Sometimes a partnership is best.

You, thinking that you have pretty amazing insight into the program, or you have some hot takes but no where to express them aside from twitter, are thinking that MGN might just be ideal outlet.

That’s great!

There are many ways to put your thoughts on the the internet. If you want to be a regular contributor to the blog, I ask that you

  1. Submit a writing sample. If you have a blog elsewhere just send me a link. Chances are if you currently write about North Texas I’ve seen it.
  2. Tell me why you want to write here, of all places.

Generally, an easy way to catch my attention is to write some smart things about UNT football or basketball. If you don’t want to fiddle with the particulars of running a blog and would just like a place for your thoughts that isn’t a message board, MGN has . . . a message board.

Seriously. I’ve tried various incarnations of a ‘forum’ previously – with varying levels of success – with the goal of having a place where people could put some longer posts that could easily be transferred into blog posts and vice versa.

The current incarnation is perfect for submissions and ‘try-outs’.

If you want to simply be on the MGN Podcast, because you shine on the ‘radio’ but not necessarily in wordsmithing that is cool, too. I ask that you

  1. Tell me why you think you should be a regular on the show.
  2. If you’ve been on / had a podcast before, give me a link please.