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It’s Over: North Texas 27 UTSA 34

It is over. This season was disappointing in many respects. The offense was the worst in recent memory. The defense had to defend with short fields or deficits all year.

In this game the offense exploded (comparatively speaking) for 27 points thanks to Trevor Moore and muffed punts from UTSA. It is ironic that we lost the game thanks to a muffed punt of our own. The defense gave up some big runs and big passes that did us in. The offense managed to score enough to stay in it early and benefited from the special teams pouncing on those UTSA muffed punts.

Such was our season.

It was a great time seeing my alma mater playing in my hometown. I will never forget it and no loss can make it any less awesome. I still love my alma mater. No matter the losses, no matter the disappointment this team is my team and it always will be.

The Woman and I went down to sing the school song with the squad from my perch in 144 and thank whomever I could as they walked disappointedly off the field. Reggie Pegram, great guy that he is threw over his gloves. Antoinne Jimmerson came over and said hi.

It hurts to lose another game against UTSA but no one feels it more than the guys that played the game. 2014 is over. Here’s to 2015

North Texas.

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