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Inquire Within

I started this blog as an spinoff of my personal one when I figured North Texas sports deserved it’s own dedicated place. At various times in the three years or so since, I’ve had varying levels of available time to write, podcast and tweet about most things North Texas. This is one of those lulls. For various reasons, up to and including a new, more demanding job and a new, more demanding graduate school semester, I’ve been unable to take down my thoughts in digital form and distribute them into the ether.

Thankfully, this isn’t the only station to get your Mean Green talk. There are others. Still, perhaps you want your point of view considered. Perhaps you want to do it on this blog and not on a message board, where it will be lost after a week?

Well send me an email with your post and we’ll get it up here and ready for the world to read your thoughts on 3-out, 2-in-motion offense, ya’ll.

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