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House Keeping Items

So, have you been listening to the podcast? The various measurement tools at my disposal suggest there is a decent number of people listening. For that you have my thanks.

Any feedback is appreciated, even if it just “Dude, I hate the sound of your voice.”

You can email me at the blog: or tweet at me @meangreennation. Tony can be reached @bstnsportsfan3.

I am looking to get the bugs out of the system over the summer/rest of spring with the idea that the show will be a well oiled machine once fall practice begins.

Also, I am looking to get more coverage of other sports. ┬áMy buddy (who you may have heard on episode 4) played club lacrosse and used to contribute to a club magazine. He’ll be writing some stuff for the site. I have gotten into soccer over the last two years and I want to show some love to the women’s soccer team, also (that sounds funny …).





  1. Munday Munday May 18, 2012

    Yo, I know some girls from the soccer team, I’ll tweet some of them to ya broski

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