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Have A Drink And A Smirk: 12.8.22

We fired the coach, and the AD went up to the mountains. That sure was a week, amirite, Mean Joe?

All good things come to an end, and mediocre things come to and end quicker than that.

Thanks Joe.

Hey I was wondering if, by virtue of being robot-like, ol’ Seth could just talk to a fellow robot and make up a little goodbye speech for him. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Coach Littrell liked to let the play on the field do his talking for him. I think he’s said all he means to.

Thanks Joe.

A restaurant somewhere in the Metroplex, being a place of Community and Leisure. Phil Bennett, UNT interim coach and defensive coordinator prepares to eat a meal with a friend

Friend: Uh, Phil? You are doing it again.

Phil Bennett: Doing what? Huh?

Friend: You put the menu in your shorts.

Phil Bennett: Oh. *mumbles an apology*

A thing that happens when you fire a coach is you question why you are doing what you are doing. The coaching search has a lot of names on people’s wish lists. I think I will miss crazy Seth.

I will miss evil Seth.

There was also happy Seth, and clapping Seth.

I will miss stalking Seth, the one who would traverse the sidelines with his head down in frustration. I will also miss frustrated Seth, who demanded that Jace throw the ball in bounds.

cutout paper composition of yellow signboard with exclamation mark
Photo by Monstera on

I have just been handed a bulletin. It reads as follows:

Ladies, and gentleman. Please beware of social media accounts advertising themselves as “experts” or “insiders” in the North Texas Athletic Department. They will use “analytics” that are merely readings of shorelines. They will cite “sources” that are merely what they read on a message boards. The kids call it “doing it for clout” and these people are a menace. They simply want attention. Please beware. Do not feed the clout-chasers.

Well that is quite the advertisement.

Anything to add Joe?

I think you are right.

Thanks, Joe

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