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Happy Tony Mitchell Day!

The day has arrived. It has been a long short season so far. Every win (four) and every loss (five) have been prefaced and analysed with Tony Mitchell’s absence. It is all justified. Chris Jones has been good –but how good can he be with  Tony Mitchell running the lane? Jordan Williams has been good –but how good can he be with Tony Mitchell giving him space? The interior guys have been serviceable yet undersized — how good will they be when they have a scoring presence (Tony Mitchell) so Kedrick can roam like he does best?

Can’t wait. (Bart Scott Voice.)

7:00 pm tonight vs Jackson State.  You’ve seen the videos right? If not the guys at have a nice thread where they posted some. Enjoy.


UPDATE (7:59pm):

Tony Mitchell has 7 at the moment and a couple assists. You can tell he is way better than everyone else. He is like an NBA player playing with college guys (hint, hint). Two thunder dunks, too. I can’t wait until he has a few games under his belt.

UPDATE (8:51pm):

We got the win against a not-very-good Jackson State, Tony Mitchell finished with 10 points, 10 rebounds, 3 monster dunks, a steal, and a block in 20 minutes. Yeah, he’s good.  He had the whole gym hyped and twitter was blowing up like crazy. The team has five more games at home in this little stretch. Go grab you some tickets and watch the show. If you absolutely cannot make it because of holiday stuff, TXA21 will broadcast the LSU game on Thursday at 7pm. Don’t miss it.



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