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Friday Football Thoughts

1st Down – One week to go baby!

We are basically a week away from kickoff with those hated Texas Longhorns. That means we are a week away from the release of this year’s first breakdown!  I’m excited as much as you guys and gals are! I’ve done some studying already this summer and have been keeping up with what Coach Strong has got going on down in Austin. Basically 99% of their fan base thinks UNT is the same old UNT that they have drubbed every time they’ve played. They believe that it will be over by halftime. The biggest reason they point to is all the starters that left UNT. I guess they believe that we chose not to recruit and develop talent at UNT. UT fans must believe that because that’s what Mack Brown did at UT, he didn’t develop talent behind talent. Let me just say that’s not the case here at UNT. Coach Mac and his staff have done a wonderful job developing players. They will be ready to go come August 30th and there will be no quit in this team.


2nd Down – QB Race

No QB decision yet, which is okay, but maybe not. It’s okay that it hasn’t been released to the public and media. It’s not okay if it hasn’t been made yet. The reason I say it’s a concern is because well we have to go to play on the road week 1 and the starting QB needs all the reps he can get. UNT needs this offense to be gelled and clicking come Aug 30th. Texas is going to have a formidable defense, but the one area I feel UNT can attack is UTs secondary. Well UNT’s QB is going to need to be on his game if they hope to have a chance. UT is not dumb they know what UNT wants to do – run the ball. So in order for UNT to have any chance at pulling off the upset the QB is going to have to have a great game. In order for UNT to actually move the ball and score points the QB is going to have to have a good game.


3rd Down – Winning brings you shiny new things!

This is what happens when you win; you get trophies and shiny new helmets. In case you haven’t seen the new helmets here is a picture below. This is one sweet dome folks. I love it. Look good, feel good, play good. New UNT helmet


4th Down – College Football Playoff Predictions

I figure before we get this season started I should give my awesome and totally correct picks. These are my final four teams. Capture 8 Bonus Mid Major Final Four: Capture 7

Extra Mean Green News

Get out and watch the Women’s Soccer team this weekend as take they on Texas Southern tonight at 7 pm and Oregon St Sunday at 11 am! This should be a really good season for these gals as they were picked to finish second in CUSA. They also have Rachel Holden returning who was picked as the CUSA preseason offensive player of the year. Good things ahead for this team. We wish them all the best here at MGN! The Volleyball team gets their season started next Friday against Northwestern St.

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