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Fall Camp 2017

Ladies and gentleman, we begin our unhealthy obsession this week. Fall practice — which as Mike Finger helpfully pointed out is actually in the Summer — has begun.

No doubt you have been following the daily dispatches of the DRC’s Brett Vito

At Media Days Seth Littrell mentioned Quinn Shanbour as the backup but no one (read: me) ever fully bought that. I don’t know how much of an indication that Shanbour was third on the team drill lineup means but I’m holding on to that thought.

As always, fall camp does not and cannot tell us very much. Practice All-Stars are a thing and do not always translate into game performance. There is experimentation and you want to leave plenty of room for failure in these camps so guys can get better.

Hopfully we do not see anyone hurt this season, though history tells us we inevitably will. :sadface:

Forgive me if you have noticed a dearth of coverage here lately. Yours Truly has been writing up the Season Preview and dealing with kid-related duties. So it goes.

MGN is ramping up to full obsessive capacity y’all.

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