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CUSA Power Rankings Week 5

Here is the list I sent over to Miner Rush for this week’s CUSA Power Rankings. I figured that since everyone is doing it, I’d do it too.

  1. ECU – Also lost to Va Tech but at home. Here based on potential rather than resume this year.
  2. MTSU – Got a conference win away. MTSU is always scrappy, tough. Non-conference game against tough BYU team will tell us more.
  3. Marshall – Losing to Ohio in Athens is not embarrassing (ahem – like UNT did), game Va Tech all they could handle, and nearly pulled it out in Blacksburg.
  4. Rice – Played really tough competition. Gave TAMU a run, beat Kansas, lost to Houston in a game that could have been closer if they had one or two stops/scores in 3rd qtr.
  5. UNT – Beat a bad Idaho team, nearly knocked off Ohio after shooting selves in the foot to start. Comeback win v Ball St and scrappy showing vs #9 Georgia. Offense is methodical, defense is aggressive but/and gives up big plays.
  6. Tulsa – Class of the conference coming in. Loss vs Bowling Green was shocking. Loss v Oklahoma was expected. Don’t really know much about this team right now.
  7. UTSA – 1-0 in conference, have moral victory points for giving Okie State a good effort. Houston at home will tell us more about Runners.
  8. UTEP – Haven’t looked good in games against New Mexico’s two schools to start the season, even though they beat up on NMST. Losing at home to UTSA is not a good look. (Sorry)
  9. Tulane – That win over LaTech doesn’t look so impressive. Loss v USA, win v Jackson St aren’t either. Syracuse loss was bad.
  10. UAB – Won, but they don’t win cool points for beating NW St.
  11. FAU – Dropped a tough one at home vs MTSU. Have played some good teams, is probably a little better than their record.
  12. SoMiss – Winless, but haven’t played an FCS school, nor lost to one. Held Arkansas to only 24.
  13. LaTech – Ugh. They have fell off since Sonny Dykes dipped out. Kansas got its first FBS win in two years against them. I think Sonny Dykes-coached-LaTech would have throttled KU. Only win vs an FCS team.
  14. FIU – Last week they managed to lose to Bethune-Cookman at home, a team that Florida State throttled 54-6. They had no chance versus Louisville and looked bad in their loss.

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