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Links: 1.13.17 — New Pro League, GQ, Southern Football, Narratives, Power Read

New Football League for College-Aged Athletes Can we be real? College sports are about money. A lot of the sillier aspects of the NCAA would be undone if the de facto minor league simply became an actual minor league. Generally speaking, I think the people behind this are on the right track and have a…

The McCaffrey/Fournette Thing

Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are going to sit out some otherwise unimportant bowl games and prepare for the draft. For them, it is absolutely the right decision. While some people believe in the beauty of competition and the simple, pure sporting merit of collegiate athletics; those ideas are largely myths. At best, college football…

Army Beats Navy

No doubt you did a little scouting of Army today, as they broke the 13-year losing streak against Navy. Navy looked tired, injured, and like they had played 8-straight games without a break. Army had not played a game since Nov 19th. That likely accounts for the disparity in quality today. I wouldn’t read too…

2016 Schedule Series: Army (Again)

Know Your Opponent: The 2016 Schedule Series bit fizzled out after UTSA. Turns out preparing for Thanks giving and whatnot is more of a burden on my soul and time than writing up thoughts on the opponent’s history. Even so, I skipped Army, which was kind of rude of me. So let us dive into…

More Bowl Projections, North Texas to Arizona Bowl?

There have been no shortage of bowl projections. This one is from the Tim Isbell of the Sun Herald and is the latest and greatest. Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl North Texas (5-7) vs. Idaho (7-4) From everything we’ve read this looks like the most reasonable. Reddit (who else?) has a good breakdown of exactly…

North Texas with Toughest Schedule in CUSA?

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Per Jeff Sagarin’s Strength of Schedule Rankings, the toughest schedule in CUSA belongs to North Texas:

#93 UNT
#96 UTSA
#103 FIU
#111 MTSU
#119 WKU
#121 Rice
#124 FAU
#125 Marshall
#126 Tech
#127 Charlotte
#129 USM
#133 UTEP
#134 ODU

Really makes the turnaround we have this year standout even more.

I think we are the only team that had to play WKU, LaTech and MTSU… and for the second straight year.

I predicted NT to get 7 wins because I thought the schedule was relatively weak. UTEP and Southern Miss disappointed this season, but Charlotte and ODU were better. Still, the conference is the same top-heavy group we thought they would be. NT got a bit unlucky by playing WKU, Southern Miss, and MTSU again and this is really the reason we have the toughest schedule.

I think this tells you that CUSA is a winnable league, and turnarounds like ours (and UTSA’s, Charlotte’s, and ODU’s) are very possible. If next year’s NT team is a mere 20% better offensively, maybe they easily get to five wins?

Picking Week 7

I spent my bye week morning making (bad) music. The rest of my day is going to be spent going to parties. Not the shots shots shots type, but the 50th birthday type. Update: Games were played. Let’s see how I did Let us predict some CUSA games today: MTSU v WKU Pick ’em /…

CUSA Week 5

While our guys put up a fight against the conference’s best, the rest of CUSA was playing football also. Let’s rank them.  My ballot last week: MTSU WKU So Miss La Tech ODU Marshall North Texas UTSA UTEP FAU Charlotte Rice FIU My ballot this week: MTSU 4-1, 2-0 SoMiss 4-1, 2-0 WKU 3-2, 1-0…