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MGN-CC Online Dynasty Week 6: Hubris

So this was the big matchup. Mean Green Nation’s own Adam vs Coker Chronicles’ own Jared. The matchup was frustrating, annoying and terrible. For me that is. Rolling with the nation’s leading passer in Fake Derek Thompson and UTSA running with turnover-prone Eric Soza, I felt like I was going to win this going away…. Read more »

MGN CC Dynasty Week 3

Week 3: things are much better now. I’ve shellacked Marshall by scoring all 41 points in the first half. I now have Fake Derek Thompson leading the nation is passing with 1041 yards. That’ll change once the season advances one week but it’s nice to see for now. I’m sitting at 1-2 but I think… Read more »

MGN–CC Online Dynasty 13 Preseason

We begin our tale with the oddly named rosters. In attempting to set up the online dynasty thirty times (thanks to repeated failures of the EA Servers to upload said dynasty — the final time I neglected to use the named rosters I had. So let it be known that any reference to say, Johnny… Read more »

MGN – Coker Chronicles Online Dynasty NCAA 2013

It is I, Adam. NCAA 13 is out. I bought it this year after skipping two iterations and it seems I haven’t forgotten how to score digital touchdowns and get digital interceptions. So, with Apogee and the new uniforms in the game, I figure it is time to start an online dynasty with the people…. Read more »