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Catching Up

Johnny Jones is happy If you hadn’t noticed, MGN has been rather silent on matters lately. Just a small little break for personal matters (car accident and parents coming up for Christmas). So what did I miss? Well, it seems that we went to the Pete Maravich Center for a little combo Johnny Jones —…

McCarney’s Staff

It is really hard for me to care about this but here you go: So, this is the lineup so far: OC/quarterbacks: CanalesRunning backs: ?Receivers: QuartaroOffensive line: FryeTight ends: RiddleDC/safeties: BowenDefensive line: NelsonLinebackers: ?Cornerbacks: GainesSpecial teams: RiddleStrength/conditioning: Wintrich Links: [Mean Green Report]

Dan McCarney Era Begins

Dan McCarney (Yeah it’s a screen shot so what?) Danny Mac can sure talk a good game, huh? I’ve heard that he can give a good performance at press conferences but I’d never seen one live. What got me was the ‘Why not North Texas?” speech. Stirring. The icing of course was the announcement that…

Dan McCarney and his Contract

Rumors were that the thing was nearly $500,000. Vito is reporting that that is the case. It is considerably more than we paid Papa Dodge. It is fitting of an experienced coach who led a relatively prominent program to relatively high places. I had this to say about the whole thing: It is mighty tempting…

UNT 41 – Kansas State 49 in Fouts Finale; McCarney is the Head Coach

If you believe Vito, Dan McCarney is the head coach of North Texas football. Hooray? It is mighty tempting to wish Mike Canales would stay. Listening to his post-game interview, he certainly sounded like a guy that wanted to be here. That means a lot, though apparently not enough for AD Rick Villarreal. Sounding hoarse,…

North Texas Squeaks by Rice 68-65

UNT v Rice That was kind of a horrible game. Thanks to Tristan Thompson and a successful full-court press, North Texas  squeaked away with a win.

North Texas 23, Middle Tennesee 17: Canales two wins in three tries

Wow. It is kind of hard to believe, no? Well, for those of us who joined North Texas post-2004 it is. Three wins in a year. Hasn’t happened since 2006. Also we fired the guy for that. I digress. I just mean that it is again becoming harder to not be excited about the direction…

Troy wins again

I’ll admit that I had some hopes for this year’s squad after the performances vs Clemson and Rice. I almost thought that Todd Dodge had a chance to save his job. Games like this make me wonder if he could have, in fact, done so. If we played the “Coming into this season, if I…

Canales Try-Out Series: Game Two vs Troy

Here we go. Last week, after a throttling of hapless Western Kentucky I said we should put a hold on printing out a new head coaching contract for ol’ Chico. If we get a similar result today, I think maybe we can at least think about formatting said contract.

Keeping Mike Canales

Should we keep the guy based of the 33-6 beat down over perennial fodder Western Kentucky? The answer is no. Should we keep the guy if he runs off three or four wins against the conference plus K-State? The answer is maybe. Will we?