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North Texas vs UTSA: Live Blog

We want to try a little something different this time. Usually, we take in the game and do our commenting on the twitter machine. We will still be doing that, but will add to the conversation here. Twitter can be great but also very annoying. It is halftime. NT up 24-3 on UTSA and Mason… Read more »

Have A Drink And A Smirk 9.19.17

College Football is supposed to be fun. I mean, It is important to remember that this doesn’t matter in the way that food, survival, safety, protection from state violence do. Yes, there are folks whose livelihood is affected by the outcomes of these games, and that is an unfortunate side effect for devoting your life… Read more »

Have A Drink And A Smirk: 3.3.17

Future News, Sushi Edition: Rhett Bito, Food Writer DRC: “Talk about this chef, he’s pretty good right?” RV, Sushi Entrepreneur: “When I decided — of my own accord — to retire from Athletics, I had a list made up of the best young sushi chefs in the country. And boy you look at this guy… Read more »

Have A Drink And A Smirk: 8.25.16

Football is supposed to be fun but sometimes it isn’t because the people who run it are people and people sometimes suuuuuuuck. But don’t take my word for it. Mean Joe: Thanks, Joe. Now back to the show. Where were we? Ah yes, the annual¬†march of ¬†kids to school and their dorms and mailers telling… Read more »

Have A Drink And A Smirk: 7.26.16

We’ve spent a lot of time hating on ourselves at North Texas. It’s kind of our thing. Being the raging cynic that I am, I kind of enjoy it. It gives me the warm gentle self-hate of a Cubs fan without having to associate myself with Bill Murray and therefore without having to have an… Read more »