Author: Billy


Class of 2019 National Signing Day

In the recruiting sites era, classes are judged by the rating of signees and how effectively those players fill their team’s needs, in both the short and long-term. However, as we have seen the college game transition from I-Formation, when run-heavy offenses were the norm instead of an anomaly. Most recruiting sites began before the… Read more »

December Recruiting Update

This December North Texas penned a couple of recruits from the JUCO ranks. MGN Friend of the Site and sometime contributor Billy Sierra analyzes the JUCO mid-term signing period: One of the most surprising turns in the Littrell era happened very early on, as we saw him and his staff focus heavily on the junior… Read more »

2015 November Recruiting Update

Transition periods are always tough — particularly in the world of recruiting, which hinges on essentially nothing but projections. The sport of college football features perpetual turnover between assistant coaches jumping at promotions, and the players only getting to ball for four seasons. To bridge these gaps, we look at the Head Coach — mainly… Read more »