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3: Roster Moves!

Mean Green Nation
Mean Green Nation
3: Roster Moves!

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This episode of the Mean Green Nation  co-host Tony (@bstnsportsfan3) and I talk basketball moves — Keith Coleman and PJ hardwick in for Odoh and Robinson — practice facilities, Mike Sojkovic leaving, Brent Osborn, and UTSA as a good rival before Tony had to leave.

Opening song by my buddy Dell and his band. Closing song by the White Stripes

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Other links to stuff we talked about:

2-Deep Roster

Hardwick and Coleman

Appalachian State

One Comment

  1. Munday Munday May 10, 2012

    IMO: BIG difference between changing the culture in a “commuter school” and a system school…

    UNT is it’s own system and can operate how it chooses, doesn’t UTSA have to answer to the UT system before they do anything?! I can’t tell you how many friends I had go to UTA or UTSA because they planned to go to UT-Austin eventually. Get that silly system school out of our conference.

    And Tony, the roadrunner is pretty weak!

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