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20K to Evaluate Program

The Denton Record Chronicle’s Brett Vito reports that UNT is paying The Consultants $10K each (a total of $20K) for a ‘full report’ on the state of UNT athletics following Ricky V’s departure.

I’m sure you are now making a joke that sounds like ‘I would do that for less, or give me that $20k and I’ll give you everything you need to know right now”. While easy, and sort of funny, you probably are right. After all, the public part of the research has been a series of public town halls 1. Given that this is public money used for this study, it would be interesting to know more about the methods of evaluation. Outside of what the DRC and the random message board reports have reported, we do not know much about this evaluation.

‘Well-known amateur golfer’ senior managing partner of Double Eagle Capital Management Trip Kuehne and Venture Capital & Private Equity employee Michael Sicuro certainly sound like they have the right credentials. Given the nature of their businesses, evaluating organizations should be right up their alley. I certainly hope they are giving it every ounce of ability. I hope the report isn’t much more than a summary of complaints and generic recommendations.

North Texas is a special kind of beast that requires some clever leadership. I hope that this helps fuel that kind of cleverness in President Smatresk.

  1. aka bitchfests. 

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