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Ladies and gentleman your North Texas Mean Green went into West Point as 18 point underdogs and came out with a 17 point win over Army. Spurred by a ridiculous 2nd half run game featuring North Texas’ best offensive player Jeff Wilson rushing for three TDs and a defense that forced SEVEN turnovers!

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Bear Front and Defending The Option

Shaking The Southland

This is an oldie but a goodie. Dr.B and company break down the option offense and defending it from a 3-3-5 look. In case you didn’t know, Army has their Triple Option attack up against our attacking 3-3-5.

Why run it?

Against most pro-style or spread-passing teams this is just a front for variety or in definite-run situations because its not so hot in pass coverage. However, this front takes away the Midline Option from Georgia Tech. In my copy of Paul Johnson’s Ga Southern playbook, he specifically states (to the QB) to check out of the Midline play whenever the DTs are playing 2-techs; he still does it today. If you can stop the Dive as part of the OS/IS Veer option, and then take away the Midline, you force them to run the QB in the option around the perimeter. If the QB is unable to throw to take pressure off, you have forced them into their playcall of the veer. Then you tell the Ends/OLBs to knock his damn teeth in on every play.